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3 ways I'm Balancing Self Care and Entrepreneurship

  1. Cooking In The Garden: Here in Winston Salem, we have a local community garden called Simon's Community Garden. I found that not only do I enjoy eating food, but also enjoy cooking outside. I had no idea such an idea existed. Simon Community Garden features local chefs who highlights a particular veggie.

2. Grant Park is has one of the best view of the sunsets in the city. Again I'm outside. I personally think this is a hidden gem in town. There is a beautiful overlook of the quarry. You can walk out onto a bridge, where ppl have gotten married and lovers have left locks on the bridge. Similar to the one in Paris. This park has a stage for local performances, a playground for children, and trial for pedestrians and bikers

Quarry Park Oasis

3. Water is therapy. I may be a nail tech but I don't get pedicures on a regular. That has changed since I started to be "selfish". Idk what it is about a good detox soak but it brings my entire body back to life. This particular soak is a vegan organic detox soak that can double has a facial steam. I don't know about you but I love products can be interchangeable.

What does selfcare look like to you? Does it make you feel balanced?

With love,


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