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Client Transformation: How Gregg Overcame Bruising, Discoloration and Ridges on his nails

Initial Visit:

Gregg first came to me looking for a spa that carried Dazzle Dry. His appointment took longer than expected because we had to establish good communication and realistic expectations. He had a bruise on his thumb along with prominent ridges.

I educated him on the importance of maintaining a regular manicure appointment every 6-8 weeks. He purchased Dazzle Dry Mend Oil, applying it every day religiously to his cuticles and nails.


Life happens, although Gregg scheduled every 6-8 weeks, he went longer in between appointments. One thing he did remain constant with was using the Mend Oil on a daily basis. Dazzle Dry Mend Oil helps repair your nails and cuticles.


1 year later, Gregg's nails look amazing! His ridges completely grew out, and his bruise is non existent. That's a win win!

Time and patience is key. Consistency will win the race.

I can help...schedule a virtual consultation with our natural nail care experts.

Thanks for reading!


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