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Step-by-Step Tutorial on At Home Dazzle Dry Manicure

Updated: Oct 15

Grab your favorite glass of wine or matcha tea. We want to be drinking a glass full of antioxidants!

Mini Dazzle Dry Nail Kit where are you? We’re vegan, non toxic and quick drying. Have you purchased a kit yet? The starter mini kit is a great option for a colorless manicure.

Supplies: Dazzle Dry mini nail kit, lint free rounds, nail file, Dazzle Dry Remove (non acetone), Dazzle Dry Mend cuticle oil, bowl of hot water( for base coat), nail clippers, orange wood stick, buffer and a nail brush.

Water or waterless manicure is always optional.

Let’s Begin

Cut, file and shape your nails prior to removing polish.

Dazzle Dry Remove you’re next! This gentle polish remover has hints of lemongrass and clove oil to help moisturize the natural nail.

Cuticle Time use the orange wood stick to push your cuticles back. Buff your nails gently if necessary.

Dazzle Dry Mend Oil Less is more. One drop is enough for 5 nails. Rub that oil in.

Step 1 Nail Prep: Prior to using Nail Prep scrub your nails gently using a small amount of soap with water. Nail Prep cleanses, sanitizes and moisturizes the nail. Saturate the lint free pad and start to cleanse the nail plate and under your nail tip. Rotate the pad for each nail. Grab a fresh pad for the next hand.

Step 2: Base Coat has to be crystal clear before you can use it. Put the bottle of base coat in the bowl of hot water. Apply an even layer of base coat to each nail. Base coat is to be applied twice and has to dry matte in between each layer.

Step 3: Lacquer Shake your polish. More polish applied with less pressure. Did you cap your edges? Clean up polish as you go with pure acetone. Each layer must dry matte. Second coat here I come!

Step 4: Top Coat use a generous coat and cap your edges.

And voila, you’re done! A perfect DIY manicure in the comfort of your own home

Revive This thinner will bring Polish and Top Coat back to life. NEVER your Base Coat. Add 6-8 drops at a time and shake it for a min only the polish. When adding to Top Coat spin your bottle, don’t shake. The consistency should be fluid.

Purchase your own Dazzle Dry Starter Manicure Kit today

Watch our tutorial on

Thank you for joining me on how to accomplish your own DIY At Home Manicure.

With love,


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