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International Coffee Day ☕️

Did you see that?! It's OK if you watch it again...haha. That beauty is called a Salted Caramel with Toasted. It was deliciously Toasted iced coffee.

How many NEED coffee to get their day start?

I'm usually a 2 cup a day kinda gal unless I have a big cup in the middle of the day. Espresso is my go to. I don't do a lot of sugar. But when I want something with some zazz to it, I'll head over to our local coffee spot...Dapper Bean.

I've actually found this cute coffee trailer on wheels when I was pregnant with my son. Per doctors orders, I was to avoid coffee. So the next best thing was Chai Latte. I must say, once I tried Dapper Bean Chai. I became a loyal customer.

After, my beautiful boy was born and my breast feeding journey was established, I picked up coffee again. Dapper Bean's Spice Girl and Good Vibrations are my absolute FAVORITES. The ginger, honey and turmeric notes, make the flavors dance.

If you're ever in of a ️ fix the Dapper Bean is a must try.

What your favorite fall flavored drink?

  • Apple Spice

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte

  • My regular

Coffees Up! Enjoy your caffeine today.

With Love,


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