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National Esthetician Day!

Updated: Oct 15

Why I became an esthetician?

Here goes Wiletta with these stories 😂

Let's get into!

I started my career as a massage therapist. May don't know that. I originally wanted to become a physical therapist. When I found out how many years it took. I said...self we not built for this 😫 what's next?

Oh why not try massage. I tried it and was good at it. I wanted to add something else under my belt....make-up. I found a new passion. Being a makeup artist is a lot different than massage on so many levels. I actually talked to my clients lol. Unlike massage, after the initial consultation, it's quiet. Which didn't bother me. I like quiet. But I also like to chat. Hence my stories.

You're probably thinking when is she getting to the point. I promise, I'm getting there. I'm painting the picture for yall.

While I was doing makeup for this salon, a great opportunity presented itself for me to be a licensed nail technician. I had no idea, I would love it. At the time, even thinking about touching people's feet was gross to me.

But being young, ambitious and hungry to learn. I said why not. I met the coolest people doing nails. I actually met one of my best friends while doing nails.

She is a crazy Mexican! Who's always looking for a great time and making memories. This one particular day, she had a facial, manicure and pedicure with a client. Being dually trained is important in spa industry.

After she performed the nail service, it was time for the hr long. My friend walked out of that room, so quiet and I instantly became intrigued. I started to think how can I do facials?

Less than 1 year later, I became a licensed esthetician. That was over a decade ago and I'm still very much in love with esthetics.

To anyone who is thinking about a career in esthetics, do what's best for you. If you can shadow an esthetician please do. That will give you a window into our world.

With love,


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