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Recharge...making yourself the top priority. Don't forget your sunscreen!

Hello yall!

Welcome to Wiletta's corner of the Oasis.

I'm writing while sitting in the sun on the corner at one of my favorite places in town. As I'm drinking my Magical Miel, I have some time to reflect.

Last week was a bit hectic! School has begun, so that means adjusting to a new schedule. Getting up earlier and going to bed on time...fingers crossed.

It can't be true. Is summer almost over?

Now yall now I can't write without asking about sunscreen?! I won't get too preachy...however, sunscreen is your best friend. Don't be scared of it. Suntegrity Impeccable Skin in my opinion has perfected the tinted sunscreen amongst their other fabulous products.

The Impeccable Skin is my go to. Especially when I'm recharging in the sun. I don't wear foundation but with the Impeccable Bronze, my skin looks flawless.

Suntegrity Sunscreen is safe for all skin types. Even for those going through active oncology treatments. We have options that won't leave a white cast.

Did you recharge today? This week? This month? What does making "you" a priority look like?

Want to know more? I am here to help


📲 336.602.2335

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