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Riding Low

The culture of lowriding goes back... though lowriders were first crafted in barrios across the Southwest and southern California as unique symbols of personalized creativity and Latino cultural identity, African American car enthusiasts began developing lowriders of their own.

In the Lac

This experience was one I'll always remember. I've been a passenger in a lowrider. Attended my first lowriding show in Atlanta. But to drive one, I got that chance this past weekend.

There was a lowriding show near our city that my person helped put together. 👏🏾 to him and the other individuals involved. It was amazing.

Check Out His Ride
I'm In Love ❤️

We met up with others that had lowriders and formed a motorcade! I think it's called a "ride out". It was one of the coolest experiences I've had in a long time. Our drive was about 30 mins away. Staying in the line at all times was hard. Other drivers broke in etc. But we had a few ppl in traffic that allowed us to keep up with our group.

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