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Hi Everyone! I'm Wiletta

Welcome To My Corner Of the Oasis

Winston Salem, NC

CEO of Calming Oncology Oasis Spa

Mommy of 2

Coffee Lover

Free Spirit

Hey yall, I'm Wiletta. This is my first blog post EVER! I am super excited to share my knowledge and expertise in my field of esthetics and nails. Passionate about helping people, I opened up Calming Oncology Oasis Spa to provide a safe haven for oncology patients to feel beautiful. By way of specially trained oncology spa treatments. Here at the Oasis, everyone is welcome. Self care and relaxation is our mission! We are the go to oncology spa here in Winston Salem. We are here to help.

Favorite Name is "Mommy"

My children are my everything...

If you see them you will see me and vice versa. They make me want to reach for the stars and beyond...because anything is possible!

Coffee Lover

Let's chat! Ok listen, I've always enjoyed a good cup of Joe. Over the past few years, I became intrigued with drinking coffee without the "extra stuff" sugar, creamer etc. To be sure I actually LOVED coffee. And I discovered that I do...more so espresso. Mmmm


Can't wait to chat in the corner surrounded by pillows! What does your favorite cozy spot look like?

Leave comments. I'd love to chat with yall. Share, Like and Subscribe


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