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Why I Use These Top Quality Skincare Products Everyday to feel better about my glowing skin

Updated: 22 hours ago

Hi yall! Welcome to Our Corner of The Oasis.

My name is Wiletta, I am the CEO of Calming Oncology Oasis Spa. I've been an esthetician and nail tech for over a decade. I am BIG on "washing the day away". As an esthetician, my job is to educate the importance on proper face washing while layering the correct skincare products.

Today, I will be sharing my top products I use on a daily basis.

Ok, let's begin! Chile, I've had a busy day!! As a mother of 2, this is when I find time to focus on me at the end of the day. Idk about you but I get excited when I think about washing my face. That's the science nerd in me. Knowing that all the pollutants from the day is resting on my beautiful but yucky skin. Will be soon going down the drain.

Let's Gather My Skincare Bag

*side note* I love a good makeup/skincare bag

My everyday skincare bag is this beautiful royal blue vegan leather Dermaviduals Makeup Bag. I'll let you know how you can get your very own bag as well.

What's in the bag, Wiletta?!

Ready to dive deeper! My skin type is normal. When I was younger, it was on the oily side but once I implemented a good skin routine and stuck to it with the proper products. That's when I noticed the difference. Those with "good skin" will tell you it didn't happen over night.

Consistency is key

Alright back to the list.

  • DHC: Deep Cleansing Oil is my go to! Because I use sunscreen at the end of my routine it is extremely important to wash that off correctly. What exactly does a oil cleanser accomplish? The oil used bonds with the dirts, oil and impurities on your skin and washes it off. Without stripping your skin of it's natural oils. Have you ever washed your face and your skin felt dry and tight afterwards? That cleanser is stripping your natural skin barrier. EWWW!

  • Total Cleansing Cream Dermaviduals can be used as a face and body wash. I love a dual purpose product. It's gentle and suitable for all skin types

  • Dermaviduals Face Lotion: I keep a full size in my bathroom and a travel size in my purse. That's how much I love this product! The cucumber extract has astringent refreshing effects while hydrating and tightening. What's not to love right?!

  • Dermaviduals Hyaluronic Acid Serum has extremely high water absorbing capacity. It also smooths and firms excellently. Because I am a licensed esthetician I've been trained on how to use the Serum to apply to my skin directly

  • Suntegrity Impeccable Sunscreen Foundation: Bronze doubles as a foundation and sunscreen. Idk about yall but foundation can be a hassle for me. So this foundation sunscreen is my go to. Being a woman of color, finding a sunscreen without a white cast or blue film was hard. But Suntegrity got it RIGHT!

  • LightStim Handheld LED Light I use sometimes daily or weekly. Depending on what blemishes and fine lines I see in the mirror. I am a spring chicken but it's never too early to start. The warmth from the LED light puts me to sleep 😴 💤. Red Light Therapy has been FDA approved helping with fine lines and wrinkles. *There is also a PAIN Light that helps relieve pain and increase circulation.

Of course there's a video

Yall listen! My children were at the bathroom door the whole time. But I put my music on and ignored them. They were fed and had a bath. They didn't want mommy to be great.

Funny thing, I ended up finishing up, gave them a bedtime snack and used my LightStim LED light in the kitchen while they were eating. You gotta do what you gotta do.

I'll show yall how I use my LightStim LED light.

With love,


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